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I am SO freaking excited to share our first podcast with you all, and I am even more excited that it is about the Fullbright Company game Gone Home. If you haven’t played Gone Home already, I must insist that you do. It is an experience that will have you, at the very least, thinking about how we can use games differently to tell more personal and individualized narratives. I must warn you, that this game is an experience and this podcast is FULL of spoilers! Even the littlest detail about Gone Home can be seen a spoiler. So you have been warned. With that out of the way, please have a listen! Also, if you have any games you would like us to play and review, or topics you would like to see a podcast about, please let us know either in the comments, or on the Gone Home board on our forum!

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GI Janes Podcast ep01 Gone Home

One Response to “Gone Home Podcast

  • Amazing podcast, I had so much fun listening to it. You guys more or less covered a range of topics that were on my mind and I loved hearing all the different perspectives and thoughts.

    One of the things I did feel could’ve been touched on just a little bit more would’ve been the relationship between Sam and Lonnie. Also, I felt that Lonnie’s thing with the army made a lot of sense to me.

    The army is related to things in her life that remind her of stability. She lives with her dad, that’s clear enough and as you all mentioned, her close relatives or family friends are all in the army too. Growing up in that environment, I’d think you’d know exactly where you feel right at home. Plus you get hints through the messages and notes they send to one another what kind of relationship Lonnie has with her parents. She is not happy with her mom (who lives in Florida with a boyfriend and seems to ignore her daughter’s existence) but she seems very close with her dad. There was a torn picture of a motorcycle and little note from Lonnie telling Sam that this is the bike she and her dad are trying to build. She would steadfastly hold on to the army because it’d make her dad proud and it would be something they can bond over and share.

    So while Sam talks about how natural it is and how perfectly Lonnie does the JROTC stuff but she doesn’t get how that same person could dye her hair red, front a garage band as a side thing, publish feminist zines and be a lesbian, for me that makes a lot of sense. It’s Lonnie coming into her own and making decisions about what really is “home”. And that’s wherever Sam is.

    Also, I thought there was a pretty great parallel with Sam and Terry. They’re both writers (and have a shared taste in porn!?) but they handle their troubles very differently. Like Terry takes out his failure on himself, and you’ll find copies of his book in the house’s bar or a whiskey bottle hidden on a shelf in his library if I am remembering correctly. But Sam is a productive kid and I think that’s rejuvenating in a way. Terry’s salvation comes really late in his life but it’s fulfilling and hopeful and wonderful. Sam decides to save herself early on so there’s kind of this image of the progeny exceeding the parent.

    Also, if the “Terry being abused as a child” theory holds, this could be related to his reaction to Sam’s homosexuality. Just a thought.

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